Start screen sample

Default to Desktop for Windows 8

February 21, 2014

I may be in the minority but I have grown to love Windows 8 and appreciate the Start screen and it’s quick find ability (Microsoft’s version of Spotlight in Apple’s OSX).

That being said, I still feel at home with the Desktop view and want the Start screen to be a tool. ┬áTo that end, I’ve changed the Windows default for my computers to show the Desktop.

Here’s how…

[box type=”shadow”] Bring up the Start screen (If at the Desktop, press the Windows key to do this) and type in “Taskbar”. You should see “Taskbar and Navigation” appear as one of the matches below. Click that and then click on the “Navigation” tab.[/box]



I have chosen the first two checkboxes in the “Start screen” section to show the Desktop over the Start screen when possible.